Welcome to the 2011 Greater London USF MBA Biotechnology Academic Global Immersion program blog

House of Parliament

Our university’s mission is to offer students a rigorous education, preparing them for leadership roles while creating a more just world. Engagement with people and institutions around the globe is an essential part of that preparation.  Indeed, it is this global vision that underlies our program of travel abroad – from entrepreneurial activities in Asia and human rights endeavors in Africa to health education services in the Middle East and scientific missions in South America.

Nowhere is this mission more important – or more far-reaching – than in the field of biotechnology. Never before in the history of humanity has the transition from science to application been so possible … and we will accomplish it together. The impact of what we do will be felt in our lifetimes – for the individual, for families, for communities, for regions, for nations, and for humanity as a whole.

For more information download our course brochure here: AGI_BrochureLondon